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Our Rooftop Lounge

Watch the Fireworks from
Our Rooftop Bar "El Nido"

Come enjoy the Cuatro Vientos Rooftop Lounge in Puerto Vallarta! The rooftop terrace of Hotel Los Cuatro Vientos is transformed every evening into El Nido (the nest) one of the loveliest spots in Vallarta from which to enjoy a refreshing drink and view the sunset.

The panoramic vista of the magnificent Bay of Banderas offered from this hillside location affords a unique opportunity to experience the magic of this special time of day, and later, as the sun disappears into the Bay and darkness descends, the lights of Vallarta twinkle all around and below.

Just Before Sunset

Just before sunset is the ideal time to arrive at El Nido. Access to the roof is via 53 steps up from the hotel's garden (and restaurant) level, leading you past the pool and cascades of flowering plants hanging above the courtyard, through a small corridor filled with old photos of Puerto Vallarta, na?f paintings illustrating scenes of the hotel and collages of candid shots reflecting past events and the growth of the city from the 1950's until the present.

Specialties of the bar include an outstanding Margarita, once extolled in Playboy Magazine as the finest in all of Puerto Vallarta and "The Green Flash," a house drink introduced last winter and named after the atmospheric phenomenon of the same name often observed during an El Nido sunset.

The Green Flash

What is a Green Flash you may ask and how did such a unique name find its way to a drink? The green flash, a tiny patch of emerald light seen from time to time just at the last moment of sunset is a well-documented atmospheric phenomenon. Its occurrence and intensity depend on many factors, including an unobstructed view of the horizon.

Various atmospheric conditions including a relatively pollution free sky and calm weather support experiencing the green flash. Just as a prism separates light into a rainbow of visible color, so the atmosphere, when conditions are favorable, disperses the last light of the setting sun into separate colors, a process called refraction.

As the last bit of sunlight is broken into horizontal layers of separate colors, blue light which is at the very top is dispersed by contaminants in the atmosphere so it is almost never seen by the human eye. The next layer, the green one, becomes vertically exaggerated and more visible to the human eye just as the lower layers of light are dispersed in the atmosphere as they fall out of sight below the horizon. In that moment, only the green light is left in our line of sight.

Special Occasions

The El Nido Rooftop Terrace provides a romantic setting for many special occasions such as weddings, anniversary parties, retreats, special birthdays and others. See our Events page for more.

Join your hostess and innkeeper, Gloria Whiting, for the most spectacular sunsets in Puerto Vallarta. Meet other travelers who cherish the same values you do and make new friends. There is no better place in the city to end your day and enjoy the evening.

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